Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend

By Jacqui Malpass

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  • Title: Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend (The pathway to publication)
  • Author: Jacqui Malpass
  • Format: Ebook
  • Length: 186 pages
  • Publication Date: October 14, 2013

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend
by M.C. Simon

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend


Some time ago, I came across this book titled, “Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend”. Finding it attractive and promising, I said to myself, “Let’s see what’s inside it for me”. I write both fiction and non-fiction; therefore I knew that I will enlarge my knowledge by reading it. How did I know it? Well, I have to admit that the name ‘Jacqui Malpass’ was not totally unknown to me. I had the chance to read some of her articles, posted at She is a writer and a coach, and many times I wondered what other useful information can she provides my needs.

So, when I saw her book I definitely wanted to read what the author has to say about planning your non-fiction book. Being a project manager myself, any planning title like this will always capture my attention.

I opened the virtual covers and… the introduction succeeded to instill in me a hunger, to want and read more. Comparing the book with traveling in different ways was the best hook the author could send my way. I am a book devourer and an addicted traveler. A writer who pays attention to such details will have my attention for sure.

Turning one page after another, I was pleased to discover that Jacqui Malpass does not intend to teach you how to write a book. Rather, she teaches you about writing “The Book that will build your credibility and make you proud to have your name on it.” This is a great white ball review that I gave her. In case that you didn’t hear yet… giving a white ball (instead of a black one) is one of the best compliments I can give as a reviewer. It’s somehow similar to give five stars.

Another element that I appreciated in “Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend” was the fact that it combines inspirational statements with the practical side of the whole process. Saying “Writing is a wonderfully non-conscious act,” the author made me think a lot. Is writing a conscious act or not? Wow… if it’s as the author says… this changes everything from my point of view. I have to admit, that moment was like a revelation… I suddenly felt like I was in front of a gate that was waiting for my hand to open it. Further in the book Jacqui Malpass writes, “writing is a combination of conscious and non-conscious thinking and creativity”. That was the moment when I knew that I have to dig deeper into this statement. That was the moment when I told myself, “I love this author.” We, people, need so much inspiration in our lives. And for sure, Jacqui Malpass’ writing style is filled with it.

The book is a mix of inspiration and technique, and following Jacqui’s advice you will become more powerful and determined. More than this, you will understand what it means to live “your life with purpose”, as the writer you dream of being.

I bet you never asked yourself what kind of a planner you are. At least I never did, but now I had to because the author provokes you to find the answer.

I had some nice surprises seeing that even if the book’s title is referring to the planning process, still, in the book you can find answers to the main questions about the writing and publishing processes. You also receive a set of downloadable planning tools. The book explores the reasons to write a book, which I found very useful due to my belief that to control and use the branches, you must first go to the roots of a tree. In addition, you will discover how to do a case study of your competitors, how to point out who your One ideal reader is, and finally how to create the strategy for your book, a strategy that includes a very elaborated outlining explanation. Because it is also a very technical book, you need to read it having a pen and paper near you.

The author writes, “We each have a purpose; a reason for being, something that we are here to deliver”. As a conclusion to my review, I say this… If your reason to be is to give your gift to people through words in a book, then read Jacqui Malpass’ “Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend”! Not only will you not regret it, but when you finish reading it, you will feel that you are richer, more confident and… your next weekend will be very busy… planning “The Book” that will make you proud to have your name on it.

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Author’s Book Description

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend

All good books start with a plan. It makes writing, editing, publishing and marketing it so much easier.

If you want to stand out from the competition and increase your bottom line, you need a book. Being a published author allows you to position yourself as an expert.

If you have ever wondered how to get started on becoming a published author and writing a non fiction book, then this book is for you.

If you have been writing your book for a while and it’s now in a mess, this book is for you. It will help you to go back to basics and untangle what you have written and get you back on track.

The BEST way to write a book, is to plan it out first. This book gives a number of steps to do just that.

Taking you right through the book planning process through to writing your first chapter and ready to write to first draft. ‘Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend’ guides you towards creating a writing, editing and publishing plan that will work best for you, and helping you to chart a course through the entire planning and writing a book process.

There is a book (and more) inside everyone. If you have a book burning inside of you, that you’d prefer to see available on Amazon, then welcome – your journey to becoming a published author starts here.

Plan your Non Fiction Book in a Weekend, guides you published author success in a series of simple steps.

As part of the process, you can download a workbook, stuffed full of tools to help you. These are tools I use in my book coaching practice and online courses.

In a weekend you will:

* Know what your book is about
* Have your outline strategy for it is
* Know who your reader is
* Have your book outline, chapter plan and chapter framework
* Know what content you have, where the gaps are and what new content you need to write
* How long it will take you to write, edit and publish
* Have your master plan by your side to help you to complete and publish your book

Plan your Non Fiction Book in a Weekend, doesn’t promise to write your book for you. It provides a guide to planning the journey so that writing your book becomes easier and you arrive at publication stress free.

About the Author

Jacqui Malpass

Jacqui Malpass was born in Lincoln and from an early age traveled with her parents, her dad being in the RAF meant that a change in scenery came every 1-3 years. Finally settling in Wales in the 1970’s. She now has a home in Spain and shares her time between Wales and Spain, writing , teaching or coaching.

Jacqui Malpass writes for many different kinds of mediums, from short stories, how to books which cover journaling, life writing / memoirs, her own memoirs, fiction, business writing and blogging.

Jacqui’s themes are primarily self development, where she uses her experience as a coach and trainer to pull together content which is both useful, simple, practical and life changing.

She also coaches clients who want to write their own memoirs/life stories or business books as well as mainstream life/business coaching.

She began writing for business in 90’s, progressing through to journaling, creative life stories, how to’s, memoirs/life writing and fiction. Of course with the explosion of the internet she also writes blogs for a variety of different people and organizations.

Jacqui created Million Stories Project to inspire, motivate and support anyone who wants to get their life story written. The project runs writing competitions and supports not for profit organizations by donating funds raised from the competitions.

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Plan Your Non Fiction Book In A Weekend

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