The Fairy Woods Children (Book Review)

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The Fairy Woods Children (Book Review)

The Fairy Woods Children

By Adriana Yamane

Book Review

Book Details

  • Title: The Fairy Woods Children: A story of magic and adventure,
    from where the two worlds meet
  • Author: Adriana Yamane
  • Genre: Fiction, Inspirational and Initiatory
  • Format: Ebook and Paperback
  • Length: 48 pages
  • Publication Date: April 24, 2015
  • Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore


The Fairy Woods Children

At the moment when I started reading the book, I didn’t know if the author intended to write a book for children or adults.

“The Fairy Wood is a place so remote and special, that ‘fear’ never had a chance to enter”, made me feel that I have to set free the adult inside me and let her sense the story.

From the beginning of the book, you notice that the author is a Nature lover, and she has a special relation with the animal world.

As I continued reading, I found myself transported back in time, into my childhood. From this moment, the story captured my whole attention. Through the words and conversations depicted by the children, fairies and parents in the story, Adriana Yamane reveals hidden truths… which we all knew but have forgotten them while growing up.

“Seara was only a child, and a child does not know that talking with the wind is not quite acceptable in the society,” the author wrote and nothing can be more realistic than this.

When the idea of journaling was introduced in the story, I was quite sensitive to this because just several days ago I decided to start a journal. You can imagine that from this point, I was only “eyes and ears” as I continued to read.

I would like to know how the author came to choose the children’s names. They have unusual names, and this made me curious. Already seeing the direction towards which the book was headed, I was almost sure that the children’s names hid another message inside them. I even tried to find the meaning of their names but did not succeed. No search engine could give me the answers.

“The Starlight fairy knows where it is, because she has the light that can find anything… anything at all!” my eyes read as I kept digging further into the book.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a light like this? But… who keeps us from having it? It is the society that tells us, in fact, what does and does not exist. “Where does it exist and where doesn’t it?” the question arose in my head. In this tiny world in which we live… is this world all that can exist? Adriana Yamane makes me wonder with her words.

Many times I had the feeling that the author placed some words in an exact and specific order… like a secret key ready to unlock a gate. Can you blame me for thinking this way?

“The deeper you go into the woods, the farther you go from the human world.” This statement is so deep that I can probably comment on it in a book and still not finish the subject by the end.

In this book… I found something that stupefied me. I always hated mosquitos and… the author mentions how their bite can not only be avoided, but… you can transform them into friends. I never, never thought in my whole life about this. Whether it is only a “story” or truth… for sure I intend to try it.

Aside from the practical information that I received through the words, the author opened a completely fascinating world for me. I had shivers as I read, “You must look at everything and everyone with the eyes of your soul; only then you will find that, which you are looking for”.

More than a story about children, parents, fairies and woods, the book is written as a collection of spiritual pearls. And they are not even hidden. Adriana Yamane is giving them directly to the reader, as gifts. You must only lift your hand to grab them.

If you read this book and want to fully take advantage of it, you must silence yourself and immerse deeply in it.

If you ask me now to whom the book is addressed to, I will tell you that it points towards the adults. All adults need to read this book, written for children. Doing this, you will remember and awaken what you so vividly knew when you were a child; the worlds are more complex and pure than society made us believe.

You can even read this book together with your child, before going to bed. Ask your child to help you understand it. And when your child starts to explain to you what’s inside this book… be silent, take a deep breath and listen. Listen with the ears of your soul.

I will stop my review here and will give you space and time to discover all the treasures that lay within these pages. I will only add a few more words now.

In each character of this story, I could sense the author’s heart. It is as if the story has only one main character that has multiple personalities and age stages, which finally converge. And most of all I could sense the entire nature through the author’s heart.

In these times that we live… we need writers like Adriana Yamane. She can bring light into the darkest places, she can release you from the daily stress and throw you into a meditative and wondering state; this is a state that will provide the keys that you were always looking for.

I totally recommend this book! If I could give more than five stars, I would do it.

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Author’s Book Description

The Fairy Woods Children

Much of the education of children is based on the antithesis between “good” and “bad.”

The images of “bad” are supposed to be the dark background against which the good can shine, like courage shining through in times of danger.

The problem with this approach is that “the good” has only the chance to shine but not to grow. The Fairy Woods Children thus tries to bring a new approach that allows goodness to grow and to expand in children’s consciousness, without the need of a fear-based background scenario.

While this may sound boring to grown-up people who are used mainly to the strife of their daily life with all its troubles and fears, small children do not need to have this handicap. From an early age, they need to be allowed to grow beyond this stage at which humankind is now, and they need to learn more about the infinite possibilities that may lie before them in the future.

A lot of misunderstandings and conflicts arise from the lack of heart-to-heart communication, which is the central point in the seven stories of the book. Each story, meant to be read at bedtime, brings to the surface a deep inner longing of the soul to express itself.

As a child, these were the stories I would have liked to hear, and these were the teachings I would have liked to receive, as they can greatly eliminate the need of the good versus bad antithesis.

And this is the reason why I would like to offer them to children and people like me, who may appreciate art and beauty, and who may wish to create for their families a lifestyle which is more soulful and kind.

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