The Noble Princess, The Unworthy Knight And The Artful Dragon

The noble Princess, the unworthy Knight and the artful Dragon

By Gary Edward Gedall

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Tears are falling from my eyes.

I just finished reading one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

My initial thought was that it would be a story for children. After reading the first 2 to 3 pages, I knew that I was wrong. I then thought that it was a story for adults. After several more pages, I knew that I was once again wrong.

By that time, the story grabbed me in such a way that only a few readings have ever done so.

I’ve just finished reading… what was written behind the lines.

On the surface, the reader will get the sense that the story is about knights, kings, queens, princess and… dragons. Seemingly, it can even be seen as an article written by a journalist. You can see it like this, but… what hides behind the written words is much more.

This is probably the shortest review I’ve ever written. And it will remain this way. Because… I simply lost my words. Behind my lost words, there are waves of thoughts born by the writer’s story.

Thank you, Gary Edward Gedall.

Thank you for this treasure of hidden wisdom…




NOTE: The previous review was done after I read the following announcement.


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The noble princess, the unworthy knight and the artful dragon


Gary Edward Gedall

Creator of the ‘Island of Serenity’ & ‘Tasty Bites’ series

In an England, recently conquered by the Normans, there still exists a number of mythical creatures.

King Alaric had decreed that his daughter would be betrothed to a noble knight who proved himself to be; honourable, generous and brave. Where the proof of bravery was to kill the destructive dragon that he had unwittingly acquired with his new kingdom.

Wirt was an unworthy Saxon prince, who, since none of the Norman princes had survived to claim the noble princess’s hand, decided that he would succeed where the others had failed.

So far, the story follows the time honored course, but from there onwards, the story twists and turns, even more than the scaly tail of the artful dragon.

This is a short tale to amuse and inspire you.

If you have ever thought or felt that you were unworthy, you would do well to read this modern parable.

Thank you,


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