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The Write Nonfiction NOW!


Nina Amir

Co-authors: Vicki C. Weiland, Roger C. Parker, Lynda Joy Myers, Roy Peter Clark, Lee Pound, Denis Ledoux, Ellen Violette, Kristen Eckstein, Rachel Z. Cornell.

The Write Nonfiction NOW! - Guide to: Writing A Book In 30 Days
The Write Nonfiction NOW! – Guide to: Writing A Book In 30 Days

When I first opened the covers of this book, inside I expected to find a structure that matched exactly what my rational mind desired to visualize.

I was surprised. The book is structured in such a way that if you want to write a book in 30 days, you are certain to write one after reading it. In addition, if somehow you bought the book influenced only by curiosity, without having any intention of writing a book… after reading The Write Nonfiction Now!, you will be tempted to start to write one ASAP.

My attention was grabbed from the first page when Nina Amir mentioned “Eighty-one percent of the U.S. population says they want to write a book, but most remain wannabe authors. In fact, only about two percent ever write and publish a book”. Going further than the truth revealed here, there was something else that made me want to continue. I realized that it is not only a technical book but also motivational. This is what I always forget to control… the reasons behind my desire to write. The Write Nonfiction Now! has definitely made me reconsider all of the elements I thought I was already considering but in greater detail.

Reading this book, I realized that not only can I write a book in 30 days but my mind was also invaded by many book ideas.

This book is the type that can be read in only one day but undoubtedly I will read it repeatedly as many more details will be revealed, details which I know I have not noticed from reading it the first time through.

The book is full with many explanations and solutions for each problem that can appear during your writing process and I am sure I do not need to search for another manual for my writing. All I have to do now is follow the guidance given in the book, step by step.

Reading it, I gained knowledge that I didn’t have before and at the same time I began to understand better what I already thought I knew.

Thorough recommendations were given such as splitting my writing time into sessions; the proposal process explained here I considered it to be mind-blowing information; several questions to ask before writing down anything; details about organizing and mind mapping ideas; specifics on writing a memoir book, and the train’s procedure. All of this information feels as though what I have in my hands is a treasure for my writing career.

I have researched many sources of information on this subject. However, I do not recall until now finding a book that is structured in such a perfect way. A book that also uses psychological elements, it is exactly what I need in this moment.

Inside the book, you will discover comprehensive explanations on how to overcome procrastination, the infamous writer’s block and how to stop censoring yourself. I am sure all writers touch upon these limits from time to time and we all know how frustrating they can be. Well… I highly recommend reading this book. It is possible to handle all these obstacles in such a way that they will diminish their hold on you. Moreover, if and when they try to blossom, you will be prepared by knowing exactly how to act.

Reading this book you will have several surprises… at least I did. It is filled with great explanations on how to book a blog and how to blog a book, how to write a lead generating Kindle book and most of all how to keep the energy going.

Do I need to mention the section named the Author Attitude? Well… this subject really gave me a lot of reasons to meditate on.

I will not mention all the authors who contributed to this book’s development so I can hold it in my hands. When you read the book, you will see for yourself what each one of them had to say.

I will say this much in my conclusion, each of these authors, adding their value, made this book exactly as I consider it to be: a treasure for any writer who wants to write a book in 30 days, or even less.

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The Write Nonfiction NOW!
Guide to: Writing a Book in 30 Days
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Roy Peter Clark (Author), Rachel Z. Cornell (Author), Kristen Eckstein (Author), Denis Ledoux (Author), Linda Joy Myers (Author), Roger C. Parker (Author), Lee Pound (Author), Ellen Violette (Author), Vicki C. Weiland (Author), Nina Amir (Editor)

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