Waving Backwards – Book Review

Waving Backwards – Book Review

Waving Backwards
by V.L. Brunskill

Waving Backwards

Book Details

  • Title: Waving Backwards
  • Author: V.L. Brunskill
  • Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age and Cozy Mystery
  • Length: 234 pages
  • Publication Date: July 10, 2015
  • Publisher: Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

by M.C. Simon

I started reading Waving Backwards after I had seen a five-star review saying that the book is an excellent summer read. This statement and the book’s title hooked me. The review, because… now it’s almost winter, so I wanted to check if the reading is also suitable for this season. The book’s title, because… it made me wonder where the author will point me towards.

Well… let me expand… the book is not only a summer read, it is much more… it is an all in one season, it is an incursion back to one’s roots.

Lara slid the envelope from its decades-old hiding place. The note-sized sheet of paper wore a rubbery residue, as if torn from a pad. Lara picked at the glue as she read the shaky script for the first time.

‘The baby’s roots are with the Southern lady who waves forever.

Her heart was Pearced and so was that of her mother.
Pearced was she by the cotton race that will never end.

Buried in the first city is a man who holds the 9th key.”

I found a strong and interesting female character on her path to finding her identity and an author who knows how to handle words very well.

I found myself wishing to visit Savannah… and this was only because V.L. Brunskill’s descriptions are almost perfect to drag this desire inside the reader.

The suspense and romance sides are very well twisted. The self-discovery action brings a multitude of feelings inside the reader.

Congratulations to the author. I was amazed to find that this was her debut novel.

After I had taken away the tears that were hanging on my eyes, the author’s bio came across my way. Well… I now no longer wondered why this book is so good.

It is not only due to V.L. Brunskill being a great writer (former journalist and interviewer) but… she

was reborn in 1991, when she was reunited with her biological parents. She moved south to be closer to both. V.L. assists other adoptees to search on her blog…

After reading this information, my heart completely melted, even the smallest pieces of it did not escape from being melted by the book.

A five star book, a five star Author.

five stars book review

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About The Author

V. L. Brunskill

V.L. Brunskill has been a professional writer for 20 years. She ditched journalism class after landing her very first interview with the late, great punk icon Joey Ramone. As a national music journalist, V.L. has written for publications such as Metronome Magazine, CREEM, The Boston Globe, and Boston Phoenix. From hundreds of rock star interviews to rocking ions, V.L. went on to become a technical writer in the semiconductor and IT fields.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on Christmas Eve, and adopted after 7 months in foster care, V.L. was reborn in 1991, when she was reunited with her biological parents.

She moved south to be closer to both. V.L. lives in Savannah, Georgia with her bass-player husband, above-average daughter, and delightfully bad dog.

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