The Conscious Woman’s Guide To Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life

The Conscious Woman’s Guide To
Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life

by Jacqui Malpass

The Conscious Woman's Guide To Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life


Book Details

    • Title: The Conscious Woman’s Guide To Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life
    • Author: Jacqui Malpass
    • Genre: Non-Fiction
    • Format: Kindle
    • Length: 86 pages
    • Publication Date: September 4, 2015
    • Publisher: Academy for Authors

by M.C. Simon

The Conscious Woman's Guide To Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life

Today I purchased a book that had come to my attention titled “The Conscious Woman’s Guide To Leaving Her Husband and Getting a Life”. It suddenly reminded me of one of my best friends who… I am sure would gain a lot from reading it.

The author “Jacqui Malpass,” entered directly into the core of the subject, and I greatly appreciated that. A woman who stays in a relationship only because… well, there are so many reasons for it… but she had already overly prolonged the moment of gaining back her life. Therefore, a book on this painful subject is normal not to lose any more time.

The quality of this book was not a surprise for me. It is not my first time reading this author’s writings, therefore even before starting I knew that I had a pearl in my hands. I personally know, not one but, so many women who remained in a relationship for almost all the reasons enumerated in the book.

Jacqui Malpass, who is also a coach, believes that writing heals. Her clients come to her to write business books, but soon they discover that she helps them overcome many stumbling blocks, and they find a way to heal and grow.

“Leaving your Husband and Getting a Life” approaches a profound theme and the fact that the author speaks from her own experience gives extra value to the book.

Still… this book was a surprise for me. I started reading thinking that I have the best coach in front of my eyes. I was not disappointed but… I did not expect the coach to put almost her entire life on the table. This made my heart race a little and finally melted it under the sudden confessions. If before I liked Jacqui Malpass’ writing style a whole lot, well now I simply fell in love with it. For me, any writing that includes the author’s heart and feelings is the best treasure that can exist.

“My theory is that we come to the Earth to teach. To be able to teach, we have to join the University of Life. When many of the lessons have been learned, enough to earn our angel wings, we are allowed a sabbatical where we get our shit together and learn to fly relatively unaided. Then, and only then, can we go out and teach others how to fly.”

When reading these words, my eyes were already teary eyed. Yes, the author is right and… a life coach who understands these words is one of the best! Yes, Jacqui Malpass is one of the best life coaches I have ever met, and I will always recommend her books because she is one of the few people who understands the meaning of life.

That was exactly the level from which the book was written. It is a guide, a learning tool and an on-going process for continuous improvement. It is the ticket to freedom that so many women need. It is the regaining of self-esteem that so many women have forgotten about. It is a masterpiece that must be read several times because each time you open it, it will open your eyes, more and more. It is for conscious women who chose to wake up; for women who chose love, life and laughter.

Only one thing I was sorry about. There are so many women in the world who need to read this book but… many of them do not speak English. If you ask me… I would somehow try to have this book also translated into all the other languages. If we want this world to be truly better, we need the women to be happy. Happy women make men happy also, and in this way all humanity will live a better life. But, for a woman to be happy she first need to be conscious. This book shows a woman exactly how.

Five stars and some more from me!

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