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Zero To Blogger In 30 Days!

For the first time since I began reviewing books, I will jump directly to my conclusion: “Read this book and you will not need another book to learn how to become a prolific blogger.”

Now… let me explain my conclusion.

Last year I made the “decision of my life”. I had decided to change my job to become a writer. For me, writing is easy, but… to be a known writer you need to publish and you also need to build a writers platform. This means… you must have a blog or a website. And it also means you have to write… a lot… and you better do it daily.

Well… if you ever tried to write on a daily basis, you already know that you eventually arrive at a point when… you want to do everything else except… write.

After my decision was made, I studied a lot. I found many books and articles about developing and maintaining my writing skills, my creativity and my writing habits.

Believe me, I read a lot! I found many useful advices but… somehow I couldn’t fight with my laziness or better said my procrastination, which from time to time instills itself inside my mind.

This… until I found a certain book… I said to myself… “Ok, it’s another book”.

But No! It was not just simply another book. It is THE BOOK that succeeded to make me write… on a daily basis for my website.

And this book is named Zero to Blogger in 30 Days.

Sarah Arrow, the author, discovered blogging and social media by accident. It helped rescue her failing transport business from the credit crunch.

This led her to social media marketing and all the exciting and fun things that come from promoting a business online (like meeting Tony Robbins, Karren Brady, Guy Kawasaki and Martha Stewart who even invited her to a party). Sarah is one of the few bloggers that have learned blogging from the ground up by promoting offline services and bricks and mortar businesses. Her experience is priceless to many other small business owners.

In this book I found what I couldn’t find online about the author. It seemed to me that Sarah Arrow is not only a motivational writer, not only a blogger, not only a perfect coach, but… she is also a memoir writer. Using only a few words, her story touched my heart.

The author says, “This book isn’t about getting famous”.

I say, “This book is written from her heart for you, the reader; because she cares.” Sarah really cares about you. In addition, you know what? I have a feeling that… following her advice… being famous will become a piece of cake for anyone.

The book has two parts. The first part teaches you from ground level (zero level), how to build your website. I already have my own webmaster who is doing an incredible job on this. Even if so, I read this part because the content indicates a useful lecture. Let me tell you what I found here. I found the only complete book that I’ve ever read about this. Yes, I already affirmed that I read a lot… Yes, I found useful information in other books also… but… in this book I found ALL. I discovered all what others are not completely telling. All the details you will ever need to create your website on your own, you will find all in this book. Having it, you don’t need any other research in this field… because Sarah Arrow is giving it all here.

If you find yourself in the position of a “zero blogger”, if you have no idea how to build a website, don’t worry. You get all that treasure in this book. It is no longer necessary to bury yourself under a ton of books that will give you only partial steps towards doing it. Sarah Arrow has put all the pieces together for you, so you will not need any additional sources of information. Why is the author does this? I repeat myself… because she cares. This is the feeling that embraced my heart while reading the book.

Another interesting thing I found here was the detailed explanation for the necessary steps to be taken before building your website. She starts out with choosing your domain name. Yes, you will even find this, the most detailed explanation I ever saw on it.

In case… just in case you are stuck and don’t have any ideas on what to write about for a new article… don’t worry! You’ll also find this in the book, together with plenty of sources of inspiration.

A big surprise I had found was a manual she included for using … Evernote. Yes, that Evernote which I was always wondering about, and how to use it as a tool for my writing process. Thanks to the author, now my questions finally received the proper answers.

And now… my favorite part; the second half of the book is totally dedicated to something that succeeded to crush my procrastination habit; The Challenge. Yes, I did it. I accepted the invitation and… I received a virus in return. The virus of blogging has been implemented in my blood now. I can’t imagine after completing the challenge, letting even one day go by without writing and posting a new article. How was this possible? You can find details in my previous post, “30 Day Blogging Challenge“.

But the main answer is… Sarah Arrow really cares about You, the writer, the blogger, the human being who is struggling to adapt in the blogging world.

Inside the book you have all the necessary theories for becoming a good blogger.

You can do it yourself but I am telling you!

Do yourself a favor and accept the author’s challenge! Your life as a blogger will receive a total boost!

You can buy the book, here: Zero to Blogger in 30 Days!: Start a blog and then join the 30 day blogging challenge to get results (Marketing Success Book 1) Zero to Blogger in 30 Days!: Start a blog and then join the 30 day blogging challenge to get results (Marketing Success Book 1)


  1. Avatar Of Sarah Arrow
    January 8, 2015 at 5:08 am

    Sarah Arrow


    Awww, thank you for this review. You’ve gone into so much detail – thank you.

    1. Avatar Of M.c. Simon
      January 8, 2015 at 1:40 pm

      M.C. Simon


      Thank YOU, Sarah for what you are doing for the bloggers’ community!

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