Zero to Psychographics

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Zero to Psychographics: Your guide to uncovering your target audience using psychographics




Zero to Psychographics: Your guide to uncovering your target audience using psychographics

Zero to Psychographics: Your guide to uncovering your target audience using psychographics

Book Details

  • Title: Zero to Psychographics: Your guide to uncovering your target audience using psychographics
  • Series: Blogging Success (Book 3)
  • Author: Sarah Arrow
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Format: Ebook
  • Length: 45 pages
  • Publication Date: December 8, 2014
  • Publisher:


When I heard that Sarah Arrow wrote another book, I instantly grabbed it. She has been one of my favorite non-fiction writers ever since the first moment when I read her ‘Zero To Blogger In 30 Days‘ book. Every time, right after I would finish reading one of her books, I would have the feeling that I was richer… much richer than before.

Once she starts coaching, you can be sure you will not need to make any further research and loose precious time. She is the type of non-fiction writer who truly cares about the reader. If you asked me how I would define Sarah… I will simply reply by saying… “Sarah Arrow is All in One”.

Sarah is the author of several social media marketing guides, and all instantly downloadable. Her posts on, are geared towards social media marketing, blogging and winning business, but you can also find Sarah on her award-winning blog site,

I am now working on writing my third book ‘Make Money Coaching! Even if Public Speaking is your worst nightmare‘, which is my first book addressed to a specific niche for professionals. Therefore, for the first time I was somehow worried about the marketing flux. At the exact moment when I was wondering what strategy to adopt, Sarah’s book ‘Zero to Psychographic‘ landed in my hands. This was impeccable timing because, in it, I found exactly what I needed to start a confident and targeted marketing process.

‘Zero to Psychographics’ is a book that gives the reader new and at the same time old deep insights about marketing. The book focuses on the root level of marketing, from the phase where everything starts.

“Marketing is all about positioning your products and services, so that they are in front of the right people, on the right time, in their buying process. It’s about charting your prospects’ journey, starting at the point before they even know they need something like what you have to offer”, excerpt from ‘Zero to Psychographics’.

I recommend the book to anyone who wants to start a marketing campaign. The book shows you how to define your ideal customer and target audience. It explains in detail how to determine why your audience is buying your products and services, using psychographic information provided by the author.

‘Zero to Psychographics’ helps you grow your business to a whole new level, pointing out the “third key segment that marketers look at, which unfortunately is often forgotten.” It provides you with all the details on what you need to know, from A to Z of the psychographic aspect.

I had one single moment of suspense while reading the book. After acquiring all the details revealed in the book on the psychographic data, I wondered what to do with it next. But… come on… this is Sarah Arrow’s book. Why worry when I know that she would explain everything by the end. I didn’t wait too much longer… before arriving at the part that read, “Now what? What do you do with all of that information?”

In a nutshell, I recommend reading ‘Zero to Psychographics’, like all the other books written by Sarah Arrow. By staying near her through her books and articles, you can learn in a single month more than perhaps ten other coaches can ever teach you in one whole year. No, I’m not suggesting that there are no other coaches out there as good as Sarah. I only want to say that once you had the chance to meet Sarah Arrow, you will not need to look anywhere else in the same domain of her expertise.

Read ‘Zero to Psychographic’ and you will receive all the information you’ll need to find your ideal customers and target audience for a successful campaign.

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About the Author

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is a 42 year old mum who discovered blogging and social media by accident. It helped rescue her failing transport business from the credit crunch and for that she is eternally grateful. She’s recently been named as one of the top 50 influential marketers and bloggers in the UK. One of her sites has been listed by Forbes 3 times as a top website for women.

Sarah believes there is an alternative to cold calling; its called writing blog posts, this led her to social media marketing and all the exciting and fun things that come from promoting your business online. Sarah is one of the few bloggers that have learned blogging from the ground up by promoting offline services and bricks and mortar businesses. Her experience is priceless to many other small business owners.

She also knows that blogging and social media isn’t out of the reach of ordinary business people, that they can reach their target markets easily with a little assistance. Hence her Kindle guides on the subject.

Married to Kevin, her childhood sweetheart and mum to three beautiful daughters, Jessica, Kira and Jasmine, and grandma to Jacob.

Sarah lives in Essex, enjoys watching sci-fi films and being with her family. She can be frequently found tweeting about Essex and social media when she thinks nobody is looking.

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