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The Dangerous Practice of Friends Leaving Reviews

To an Indie Author, a review is more than just a series of stars. It’s validation for all the hours spent creating a work of fiction. We want to be noticed by our peers. We want to know that all those hours bleeding at the keyboard weren’t spent in vain, and that we have done our job right. Those stars, to us, are priceless.

Tragedy Amplifies Comedy

In summary, I believe that readers of my novel will become increasingly sensitized to child maltreatment because it is fun to read with tragedy amplifying subsequent comedy.

A moment of Stillness

A moment of Stillness

Summer is here! Take a deep breath and fill your thoughts with innovative ideas. Intoxicated by new concepts you are ready to fly. Guesstimated wrong; perhaps your ideas are not flowing. It is quite common to fall into a rut, frustrating, but common. It is recommended that you go back to basics and re-examine your ideas.

An Important Message from Authors to Readers

Free Of Cost Book Free Of Cost

Of late, there’s been the misconception amongst readers that an author’s work should be free (or at least cheaper than a cup of coffee). Imagine if the same theory applied to everyone? You slave all day long at your workplace, only to have your employer tell you that you should be happy simply doing the work and that you won’t be paid for it. How would you feel?

The Debate Over Using Prologues

Should I Include A Prologue

It was a dark and stormy night… but where do you put this opening line? in the prologue? Do you want to start at Chapter 1? Recently, I came across a debate on social media regarding the merits of including a prologue in a work of fiction.

Impostor Syndrome And Why You Should Banish it From Your Vocabulary

aspiring young writers imposter syndrome

What the heck is “Impostor Syndrome”? I had no clue so trusty Google filled me in. It is: A psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. I can’t fathom why an Author would

Reviews: A Conundrum

star reviews

To an Author – a review is a sort of payment for the hours spent bleeding at a keyboard. (It really is that important.) As a reader, I look at the reviews first. Most of us do. I want to know that others were gripped by a story or, conversely, thought it was a waste of time.