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Write Sober, Edit Sober

write sober, edit sober

A quote often misattributed to Ernest Hemingway was actually spoken by author Peter De Vries (1910-1993) who said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” This is not sage advice and I don’t recommend attempting to follow it, unless you deem yourself somewhat of a fraud.

Choosing the Right Names for Your Characters is Crucial

Choosing the Right Names for Your Characters is Crucial

Imagine if Margaret Mitchell had named her famous character “Eugene Butler”. Again, we, as readers, would not have been privy to the author’s thought process nor to the fact that “Rhett” was even a possible moniker. We would have forever known the handsome, devilish rogue as “Eugene” but, frankly, we are all silently thanking Miss Mitchell for ultimately choosing Rhett as his name.

The key to getting it done is believing in yourself

The key to getting it done is believing in yourself

As I sat on my couch one day, I began thinking… Why? Why do we exist? Why were we created? Why does the universe expand? Why do we not know what God looks like? As I pondered upon what the answers could be I saw a TV commercial, and as it played out I knew what I had to do – I had to tell the world this story.



A challenge for new writers is that in this social media age, too much writing advice is available. Twitter in particular teems with authors on a spectrum of experience tweeting advice, it seems to me, meant mostly to draw attention to their books. Such guidance is usually trite, offers little real assistance to writers and ironically sells few books.

Why the Key to Good Writing is Confidence

Why the Key to Good Writing is Confidence

We’ve all been there. English class 101 where the teacher drones on and on about “i” before ‘e” except after ‘c”. Where the spelling lesson has now become redundant thanks to spell check. Where the difference between a noun and pronoun has you scratching your head. Where you are asked to take everything you’ve learned thus far, given a general story line and are asked to write a short story.

Writer’s Block Is a Symptom, Not The Problem…

Writer's Block Is a Symptom

Let’s face it, advice for writer’s block has been covered in depth and ad nauseam from all corners of the writing world. So instead of giving cliche (albeit useful) advice like “relax with some tea” or “take a break and return to your work later” I’d like to add what I believe is a more unique perspective to help writers facing this issue.

Take Your Writing Seriously, But Never Yourself…

Take Your Writing Seriously

“Take your work/writing seriously, but never yourself” is an ethic I have applied to virtually every project or cause I have committed myself to. It is a principle that can take you very far if you are on a successful streak, or pick you up if you are feeling low or defeated just as easily.