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Fighting Against Adverbs

Fighting Against Adverbs It’s been a long time since I’ve noticed a real war between writers and adverbs. I am sure you heard about it, also. Lately, we cannot even talk about a war because it was almost transformed into a rule in the Writer’s World. Today

Coaching People When You’re Too Shy

Coaching People When You’re Too Shy Part 1 – Writers, stay tuned! Let’s be sincere and direct! You have plenty of things to tell people. You are proficient in several areas of expertise. You would love to share your wisdom with others. You would love to help

7 Reasons for Writing for Writers

I wish each one of us will finally find the writer inside. Writers are the ones who can change the world. A writer’s world is a special, beautiful, and magical

Read What 27 Writers Think About Writers

Read What 27 Writers Think About Writers

After studying and writing the article on Quotation Marks, and working on a resume for one of my favorite writing tools (Grammarly’s Handbook), a desire was born inside me all of a sudden to find out what other writers are saying about… writers. Therefore, I compiled several

ALL You Need to Know About QUOTATION MARKS

ALL You Need to Know About QUOTATION MARKS

You cannot speak Chinese to a Dutch person and think that he will understand your French dialect. Therefore, I decided to continue the series of grammar articles… articles that will bring to your attention some of these rules.

22 Things You Must Know About GRAMMARLY

Recently, I finished writing my first book. Well… in fact not only writing but also editing it.I was so proud. It was looking great. I sent it to my editor, to polish whatever was necessary. When I received the book back… surprise! What I thought was perfect… was looking like a painted artwork; lots of modifications. I couldn’t believe it.

What is a Book-Blog Tour?

Book-Blog Tour is a virtual tour, to help an author promote their book without traveling. The book-blog tour is a marketing strategy used by self-published authors when launching new books.

23 Steps To Quit Your Job And Become A Writer

23 STEPS TO SAFELY QUIT YOUR JOB AND BECOME A FULL TIME WRITER You have a good life. You have a normal, average life. You did not become a state president. You are not homeless, either. You are there, right in the middle of society. A normal