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Are You a Comma-Masochist?

Don’t be a Comma-Masochist! You are a writer. You are a talented, inspired, brilliant writer. Your heart and mind are painting the paper or the screen with…

The Story Behind a Book

This is the Introduction for my e-book: WHY DO YOU NEED A DISCLAIMER AND HOW TO WRITE IT?   This e-book will be a gift for my subscribers. I want to thank you all for following me this year. Even if I never gave you any free

13 Writers Talking About Writing

I'm a Writer

One day I feel like I am flying in Heaven and the next day the Abyss is opening up in front of me. I could choose to jump or fly over it but… somehow…

My ONE Best Tip for Writing

What keeps me writing? My answer is simple. The explanation is puzzling. For whoever will find the time to read, I will write. For who doesn’t have the time… My ONE best tip is… Find something that you LOVE and write for it. I do not mean