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Nature’s Poem

Nature's Poem

Nature’s Poem Blooming Petals.. Of your whispering youth.. Dare the poet inside me.. To capture the.. Lyrical essence.. Of their silent beauty.. In my faltering words!   Tell me, how can I.. Script the image of The ethereal elegance.. Of your young smile.. Choreographed by.. The drunken

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes

Softly Whispering Eyes Your eyes… Like a pair of… Dreaming love-birds… Have startled my world… With a fountain of… Softly singing dreams!   As they rise to Dazzle the sun-kissed.. Beats of my heart.. My world salutes them with A golden surprise.. Of a nascent sun-rise!  

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art... In Perpetual Progress

A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress A distant whistle.. From a mischievous Bird of morning.. Wakes-up the naked night.. From an un-finished dream!   As we two also… Are jolted half-way through… Our seemingly… Eternal dream-slumber… Fused in each other’s arms!   Dimly smiling moon. sports

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Question and Answer “How much do you.. Really love me?” Her tears asked My words perched upon My intimate letter Penned in blood-red ink.. Faintly fragrant, With pain of my heart!   “Can you measure Our end-less love?” My words smiled through Her whispering tears!   “How

A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life On a lyrically surreal evening, Of February the fourteenth, Life signed a love-tryst With strings of my heart, Playing a melody of dreams Upon the haunted canvass Of my brooding soul! For a scary moment, My heart missed a beat Fearing for

Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence The air is thick.. With a musical riot.. Of dancing rain-drops!… The wet soil proudly sports.. Fragrant foot-prints.. Of a tell-tale court-ship.. Blooming into lush-green dreams! …No wonder.. My thoughts follow the cue.. And start courting lingering notes.. Of your lush green memories.. Aching with

Cry The Beloved Country

Cry The Beloved Country As Terrorist’s fire Savored the beauty of Taj, Hotel staff turned martyrs Saving the lives Of their precious guests As the finest brand of Indian hospitality triumphed Keeping the tri-color flying proudly, Whispering to the misty eyed nation,” “Cry The Beloved country!” When