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Great Dialogue Should Jump Off the Page

Writing Great Dialogue

Today, we talk about dialogue. What’s there to talk about? (Sorry, a bit of a bad pun, there.) But here’s the thing, your characters will inevitably converse. You can write beautiful, descriptive prose until the cows come home but what happens if you’re not adept at writing dialogue?

How to Effectively Convey Pathos

your leading man

Have you ever started to read a book, only to find out in Chapter One that the male lead has three months to live? Did it make you feel like a jilted lover? That’s because the Author did jilt you and failed to effectively convey pathos. “Pathos represents an appeal to the emotions of the audience, and elicits feelings that already reside in them.” (Thank you, Google.)

Post-Publishing Depression is A Real Thing

When Does An Author Write A Sequel

“The End” is so bittersweet. When you reach that point in your novel, there’s a fight that ensues within you. You struggle with several emotions. You are overjoyed that the work is finally complete. You feel proud. Then something else creeps in. A very distinct feeling of finality.

Doorway to Inspiration

doorway of inspiration

What excites you enough to make you give up other leisure pursuits; to sit in a solitary room, curtains drawn, instead of out-doors in the fresh air admiring nature or chatting with a friend over coffee. It is because you have always wanted to be a writer.

Write to Reveal What’s Hidden

subject of how to write

I’m honestly the last person who should be advising anyone on the subject of how to write. I’m not good at keeping routines, I’m a perfectionist to a fault and I can spend hours on end looking at a blank page, finding any excuse not to write and indulging any distraction that keeps me away from the work.

Why I Don’t Enter Writing Competitions

enter writing competitions

I don’t enter writing competitions because as an Author, I’m too busy writing. Now that I summed up the “why” for you, let me explain further. There was a day when bushy hair and a few extra pounds made me feel like the ugliest of all the ducklings.

6 Tips on the Process of Writing

Process Of Writing Creative Writing

Pick up the pen and start the ‘book’ by jotting down topics that are burning within: let them spill out. Meanwhile, simultaneously your mind might be juggling titles for your book, “Love in the dark”, nah, “Mountains to climb” perhaps, and so it will continue until you start the process of writing.

WELCOME To the World of Books

Reading Books

These empty shelves are waiting to be filled by your inspiring books. “Where do I start”? You might say. Start at the beginning of course, a very good place to start. Find a quiet place; shut the door, close your eyes and take deep breathes — in and out. Still your mind and then sit back and let the ideas flow. It is amazing how thoughts pour into a quiet head.