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An Utterly Drunken Dream

An Utterly Drunken Dream The air is drunk With a wet magic Of her own youth   The world is floating Along the music of The monsoon mist   We walk along With woven hearts Waving at the Flying rain-drops   Eyes of our love Dare the

Colors of Life

Colors of Life Colors of our life are winking at the world!   “Guess the true shade of our color!” The world marvels at the wonder of the fate’s magic art.. as she again dips her brush.. in a crucible.. frothing with.. multi-hued passions!   The dawn

When Life Meets Life

When Life Meets Life Stream of my life Was flowing along The shores of her destiny, As a wandering soul Joined along my foot-steps Weaving the music Of her fragrant breath Around the dreaming Petals of my thoughts   Her fingers smiled into The eyes of my

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other Is it not really, A burning raw desire Binding together our souls Rather than the innocent love Your eyes quarreled With my smiling desire Dripping with pure love! The moon gazed amusingly Breaking into a loving answer “Love and desire Are but two

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory

The Vanishing Glory Are you hidden, In the blushing lips of The half dreaming, Half smiling flowers…   As the source of Their fragrant murmur, Which melts my mornings Into a sudden wonder Of drizzling joy   Or are you dancing.. As a smiling ripple Across the

Fountain of Wow

Fountain of Wow Ever since your glances Like notes of a maestro Beckoned my youth, To put on the.. Dancing anklets   A softly singing fragrance Is wandering like An aimless pilgrim In the sanctum sanctorum Of my heart…   My life is brooding.. “Why”?!   When

Breath of The Summer Breeze

Breath of The Summer Breeze A half dreaming rose, Floating merrily On playful waves of Her dark tresses Was teasing my heart   Chasing tirelessly The fugitive fragrance Walking away with The breath of The summer breeze!   Stung with jealousy, My heart struggled to tease back..,