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Born Diane Patricia Drasche, she knew at a very young age that she would either like to become a ballet dancer, a teacher, or a writer. And so it was that by the age of 32, she’d dabbled in all three ambitions, with writing winning out.

Diane grew up in Astoria, New York, with her parents, older brother Stephen, and their Grandpa—endearing called “Gramps”—who lived downstairs from them.

As a family they enjoyed fishing, camping and spending time with other relatives; they had a large extended family.

In 1980, Diane met Jim McCloskey, and they married after only three dates. They have four children together—Jillie Lee, Mac, Zak and Will, and also four equally beautiful grandchildren–Haley Samantha, Rayna Marie, Walter Bodie and Eli James! She’s as well spent years working as both teacher and daycare worker, which also imparted a great familiarity with children; all of these factors contributed to her being able to “get into the heads of” Jenny Louisa and Thomas Ray, and write their story.

But it’s writing that is her art, it is her passion; it is her story-telling medium…. Some of her writings are true, some only partially true, some completely made-up, some to “vent”, some just for fun, and some because there is a message that needs to be delivered.

Diane’s wish is that those reading her works become capable of experiencing a similar degree of pleasure as she experienced while writing them.

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