Keith Brandon

Keith Brandon

Author Keith Brandon

Keith Brandon was born in Hungary and seeing Star Wars for the first time at the age of 12, he knew immediately he needs to write his own story and take on the world and see it. After finishing his schools he did exactly just that, went to Denmark, then a few years later worked as a waiter on cruise ships. Worked for Disney and Carnival cruises.

Then at the age of 30 he wrote his first story a fantasy just for fun then he wrote his real first story a clever sci fi, called Lost Universe. A story about mankind’s origin and what this has to do with grey aliens.

Then he decided to break into the Vampire market, and in a few months finished a great vampire story, Nathan Darak the Last Vampire.
For now he continues to write the sequels on Lost Universe and works on a few scripts as well.

Hope you will enjoy his stories.
May the aliens be with you always!!

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Lost Universe by Keith Brandon
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Nathan Darak by Keith Brandon

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