N.A. Broadley

N.A. Broadley

N.A. Broadley is a mother of two grown children, two grand-children, a wife and a homesteader. She has passion for writing funny homesteading stories along with post apocalyptic fiction. She lives and fights with a rooster named Peckerhead, who makes it his mission to make her life as interesting and as challenging as it can be.

From a small homestead in Southern New Hampshire, in a small log cabin, N.A. Broadley shares with you her love of prepping, homesteading and her books based on the premise of ‘What if?

Author’s Books

Shattered Horizons - coming soon

Trail of Misery (Apocalypse Trail Book 1) by N.A. Broadley

Shattered Horizons (Apocalypse Trail Book 3) by N.A. Broadley
Valley of Reckoning (Apocalypse Trail Book 2) by N.A. Broadley
Apocalyptic Winter: An Angry Eagle Anthology by N.A. Broadley

Complete Apocalypse Trail series by N.A. Broadley
Deception (Insurrection Trilogy Book 1) by N.A. Broadley
Dammit Peckerhead: Stories from the Homestead by N.A. Broadley
Evasion (Insurrection Trilogy Book 2) by N.A. Broadley
Insurrection Trilogy (2 Book Series) by N.A. Broadley
Apocalypse Trail (3 Book Series) by N.A. Broadley

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