Rhoda Starzyk - Legal Secretary Loves To Write Rhoda Starzyk grew up in the Adirondack Mountains and moved to the Poughkeepsie area in 1978 where she has held various jobs and presently works as a legal secretary. Rhoda lives amongst the hay and corn fields near the Hudson River in mid-state New York with her husband Ted and their two mischievous, black cats, Puck and Pandora. They have three children and a wonderful granddaughter named Jolie who has inspired Rhoda’s stories through her vivid imagination. She loves to write, spend time with her family, garden, rummage through flea markets and undertake any project that allows her to use her creativity.

Jolie is an amazing eight-year-old who has been writing stories with her Nana since she first imagined Hamilton and Bacorama when she was three years old. Jolie loves school, reading, her friends and spending time with her mom and dad and their two shy cats, Naveen and Tiana.

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