Author Robert Lipkowitz

Author Robert Lipkowitz is a successful advertising executive, who started and ran a now 30+ year B2B agency with clients that include Canon, American Express, Miura, and several other brand name and smaller companies. He is also a communication and public speaking consultant who taught the subject at The Ohio State University and worked with companies that include Proctor and Gamble (P&G) and several others. Robert Lipkowitz began writing fiction in 2019 and has completed books for adults, young adults, and children. These include: “The Book of Nussbaum,” “The Long Road From Queens,” and “The Girl Who Rescues Worms.” For children under 7, the author created the Mr. Lumpy Series, These include 11 books that educate and inspire young minds using rhyme and smart illustrations. All books are available on Amazon. You can reach the author at

Robert Lipkowitz’s Books on Amazon

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