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Ryan Hale

Author Ryan Hale - former telecommunications manager writing Five Will Get You Ten

Ryan Hale is a retired restaurant General Manager and a former telecommunications Manager who has been retired for nine years. He began writing in November 2022 when Antoinette, his wife of forty-four years, suggested he stop talking about “someday writing a novel,” sitting down at the computer, and writing one. He first wrote Memoirs of an Air Force Brat. The process was so enjoyable he then wrote his first fiction novel, The Year of the Rat – A Covid Origin Novel, in just over two months. He loved the experience of daily commitment to writing and penned the first in a series of Blake Franklin Investigations books. One for the Money was his debut into the Mystery Series genre, and he has already published Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Go, Kat, Go! -Four-Part Disharmony. He is working on book five in the series, Five Will Get You Ten. Ryan puts in several hours daily, putting down thirty to fifty pages, and continuously works hard to improve his craft.

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Three to Get Ready
One for the Money
The Year of the Rat
Two for the Show
Memoirs of an Air Force Brat

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