The Lie Monster Story

Lily Liar and the Eleventy-Headed MONSTER

One day Lily told a lie. It wasn’t a big lie. It didn’t hurt anyone. She thought lies that didn’t hurt anyone were okay, especially if the lies helped you a little. And they did help her…at first. The little lies turn into medium lies. Medium lies turn into big lies. Big lies turn into MONSTER lies.

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The Zebracorn

Zizou is a zebra who meets a tricky unicorn that sends him on an adventure he’ll never forget. While on this incredible journey… After Zizou reaches the Starry Kingdom and meets the Unicorn King, he’s found worthy of becoming the first ever, Zebracorn.

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Marshmallow Toast banner

Marshmallow Toast

One day this super-cool, creative idea just pops into Elisa-Kay’s mind. She is so excited to give it a try – the only problem is her friends and family don’t share her enthusiasm and even think her idea is just plain weird. What will Elisa-Kay do as she faces people who say “No!” to her idea? Will her enthusiasm be enough to make someone believe in her? Will you root for her?

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Secrets of The Tally banner

Secrets of The Tally

Meet Allie: she’s just woken up in an empty forest with blood on her hands and everything she’s ever known wiped from her mind. In her survival-oriented world, people are hunted by vicious predators and it quickly becomes clear that they are specifically hunting her.

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Wimp to Warrior banner

Wimp to Warrior: The Story of a Little Spartan

In Wimp to Warrior, follow along with Leon through his harrowing adventure into warrior-hood. Each day of Leon’s training offers a new day of training for young readers as well, complete with exciting instructions, diagrams, and scenarios.

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the cookie banner

The Cookie

How can we present the idea of abstinence to our daughters to make them even consider giving it a go? This is where The Cookie comes into play! Parents, this is an awesome icebreaker to segue into the big talk.

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Juan and Gwen's Big Fundraising Surprise

Juan and Gwen’s Big Fundraising Surprise

Juan and Gwen see the disrepair their school has fallen into and embark on a fundraising campaign to fix it up. After asking for community support, Juan and Gwen’s efforts result in a big surprise. A tale of enterprising young student’s, eager to help their school improve.

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