Darkness Dwells in Dixie - Coming Of Age Story Betrayal Of Trust

Darkness Dwells in Dixie

Mike E Reynolds weaves a jarring yet moving 1950’s and 1960’s coming of age story set in a small town near Florida’s Apalachicola River swamp and the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys. Filled with grit and grace, this riveting tale reminds us that faith and forgiveness are ultimately more powerful than the darkness within.

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The Shadow of Forever

When a band of Berserkers enters the sleepy little village of Kinester on the west coast of Skattenoya, a string of events is touched off that disrupts the lives of every person in the village. Soon it becomes apparent that the Berserkers are part of a mysterious campaign led by a Norse lord named Maarku, whose lust for power knows no bounds.

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