5 Ideas for Creating a Better Workplace at Home

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5 Ideas for Creating a Better Workplace at Home

By Emily Johnson

How many hours a day do you spend on writing? It’s a rhetorical question, indeed.

No matter how much you write, you might spend a lot of time at your workplace. If you want to write your papers faster without sacrificing the quality, you need to organize your workplace. Your workplace can affect your creativity, concentration, and cleverness. In short, it impacts your productivity and, therefore, you become a better writer who can complete tasks and not sacrifice the private life.

OmniPapers has created a useful infographic about the best ways to organize your workplace, so you can draw inspiration from it or keep on reading this article to find out more ideas.

Here comes a list of five ideas to create a better workplace:

  1. Make Home Renovation

    It’s never late to create a workplace of your dream. If you feel that you need some changes in your life, make home renovation. In fact, you can create a better workplace at home if you organize two zones: computer and non-computer ones. Proficient writers claim that shifting procedural and planning work helps to boost productivity.

    • If you need to write a new masterpiece, you should work at a computer zone where your writing desk is situated.

    • If you need to contact your clients or boost inspiration, go to a non-computer zone.

    Plus, choose a right color for walls to impact your productivity, too. Paint the walls blue or green, as these colors can keep you focused.

  2. Add Some Comfort

    Being a healthy person means feeling energetic and, therefore, staying focused. If you take care of your health, you need to add some comfort to your workplace. You should be picky about your stuff as it can reduce a risk of health problems, promote good posture, and prove upper back and neck pain relief.

    To stay healthy, buy the following items:

    • an ergonomic office chair

    • mini elliptical trainers

    • sitting/standing writing table

  3. Create an Inspirational Corner

    While it’s nearly impossible to stay focused all the time, you can draw inspiration from things you love. Sting a motivational quote or a picture of your favorite artist, put some photos of your nearest and dearest, and place a bookshelf with books and best practices. Working hard is good, but don’t forget about your inspiration.

  4. Get Rid of the Mess

    A well-organized table increases your productivity by 15-20% as you don’t spend time on searching for something in the mess. If you want to boost your productivity once and for all, get rid of the mess you have.

    There are several tips to organize your table:

    • form a habit to clean it up every day

    • use drawers and lockers

    • keep utensils in boxes

    • set up proper lightening

  5. Start Using Modern Gadgets

    Living in the digital era, you might notice that it is important to use modern gadgets to go hand in hand with technologies. While you use your phone daily, think how to get the most out of it. In fact, writers can use it to save time: write down ideas, record interviews, or contact clients via email. However, there are many other gadgets you should start using.

    • A digital highlighter can translate texts

    • A smart pen can transfer handwritten copies to your computer

    • A tablet helps to keep in touch with clients and read best practices everywhere

    All in all, there are many ways to create a better workplace. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that workplace organization impacts your productivity. Don’t hesitate to take the first step toward these changes.

    If you have your own tips about workplace organization, drop us a line. Let’s discuss it together!

5 Ideas for Creating a Better Workplace at Home

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