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Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


The story begins when, sitting on the coach… I closed my eyes, thinking of the profound positiveness, talking in my thoughts, tying the words together, guiding them on a road connected to my heart… feeling that they are opening the Gate!

Have you ever had a moment when you looked beyond the human being… beyond the human body… beyond matter… to see its borders… to see with different eyes an image, a higher dimension, more clearly… and in that moment to distinguish the dark side of man?

Those who see in depth through matter, are seeing their structure, their egoism, a painting of an exact image of who they are. If you want to locate the good in man, you will detect it in his deeds but you may still not believe it.

In fact, the goodness, the love, the light inside you, cannot be seen. They are in you… this is you… their essence is defined already, and you cannot prove anything.

We are the ones who distort this energy by filtering it through matter and we let ourselves be guided by our bodies (matter), thus losing this connection with our soul (the energy, the light inside us).

This unstoppable, invincible, eternal matter succeeds to guide us temporary and it will continue to do so until we wake up from our material illusion.

We have to awaken the soul, and continue to move towards the light, as long as we are still in these human bodies.

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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