J.R. Richards


Each moment of every day is an opportunity to learn and to correct any problems we may have inside. What I have to learn today may not be what you need to learn today, we each have our own personal correction and we each learn at our own pace. “Whoever loves correction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is a fool”. Do I love correction? Do I love the seemingly “bad” things that come into my life? Why do I consider these times as “bad”? Are they really “bad”?

In reality, these times are not bad; they are times to inject more Light into yourself and to inject more Light into the world. It’s just our limited understanding and perception of reality that make us see it as bad, and this understanding comes from our shell of negativity and not from our true selves. Our true selves, our souls, love correction and do not despise it, they crave it and want it because our souls know this brings us closer to the Creator.

Why was the tower of Babel built? Because men at that time were defiant of the Creators correction and they were going to make sure it didn’t happen again. Am I being defiant of the Creators correction or am I learning, growing, and injecting more Light into the world?

I am eternally grateful to the Creator for all the correction that He brings into my life, may I fulfill my purpose of becoming more like Him, as I pray all of you do as well.

– J.R. Richards –

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