Dirty Nature
Dirty Nature

Dirty Nature
J.R. Richards


As I have been reading and studying gardening and soil life, I realize that I know very little about what really goes on in the ground and in nature. Everything I am learning is directly linked to spirituality and what our human experience on this planet should be like. Here are some examples of what I am reading.

“In our culture, soil gets little respect. When we use the word dirt (or animal), we use it in a derogatory way, conjuring up the image of something repulsive or shameful. Yet soil is miraculous. Soil is alive.
One key to having a garden that’s bursting with healthy plants, well-balanced insects, and thriving wildlife is to stuff the soil with as much life as possible. Healthy soils and plants are created not by the simple presence of nutrients and soil life, but by the depths of their flows and interconnections.” ~Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway

Nature and our planet work together in wonderful ways, they maximize output and waste is even turned into something productive and useful.
It’s a beautiful web of life that humanity has disconnected itself from by trying to control it. Nature doesn’t need people to control it, it needs people to coexist with it and create a connection that benefits all involved. Next time you see a tree, bug, or even the soil, try to see the spirit that it contains; they were given life from the Creator as well.

– J.R. Richards –

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