From Billions Of Vibrations I Felt You!

From Billions Of Vibrations I Felt You - Love Poem

From Billions Of Vibrations I Felt You!

Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


From billions of vibrations I felt your unique love
No evidence, no words or the physical body do I need
My feelings mixed with your image uniting
Together creating a universe to call our own.

I made a path for you with my mysterious ways
Feelings pulsate within my heartbeat
Waves continuously flowing towards you
Sense my words; they are so different from anyone else’s.

And you will never feel as I do
I am all the answers to your questions
And I have so much more love to give you always.

When I glance at the moon I see your face
Lighting up my night, while the sun is absent
As the sun caresses the earth with its rays
I warm up your heart every morning with my unmitigated love.

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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  1. it was a great pleasure writing this little poem, thanks for your appreciation 🙂

  2. Woooow……!!!! Thank you “Alternating Current” feeling your intensity!!

    Very inspiring <3

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