From Frustration To Overcoming
From Frustration To Overcoming

From Frustration to Overcoming
J.R. Richards


There have always been certain things in my life that have brought me a lot of frustration, one of them being math. I knew that I was not understanding something basic because of the way the teacher was explaining it or the way I was hearing it. I feel that sometimes people can get too analytic in speech and it makes it harder for some people to learn, or some people can have an aversion to math making it hard to pay attention since they shut down to math long ago, I was one of these people.

I have decided that this problem needs to be changed, and yes this is a problem, especially when I cannot even help my kids do their homework, so I started to make plans to rectify this. I didn’t know where to start so I bought some math workbooks online to do, thankfully, after a few days I received a message from someone who had read my blog about how frustrating math can be. He sent me a link to an academy that puts math in a simple manner so that I can understand it, for no cost. I know I will be able to overcome this area in my life now because of it.

I feel there are a lot of areas in our lives that we don’t understand what is going on because of complicated terms and too much analysis from others and ourselves, but what helps me the most is to “be still”, to quiet myself and my mind allowing life to continue its flow. I don’t blame my teachers when I was in school, this is something that the Creator wanted me to go through later in life, so here I am dealing with this at 38 years old. But you know what? It makes me very happy to know that I am putting forth an effort to change something that has always held me back.

– J.R. Richards –

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