Alexandru Cosmin Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe (Writer)

Gheorghe Cosmin Alexandru is a 25 year old young writer living in Ploiesti, Romania. He is into nature, plants, animals, and everything else that can be seen or perceived. To him, there is no place on earth more beautiful than time spent with nature.

Alexandru as he likes to be called, has great respect for all people, regardless of occupation, social class or status. He deeply feels “we are all a part of a whole but often we forgot this… We hide our love behind our wickedness and are left with only a glimmer of hope, a light that blinks slowly, but not yet extinguished…”

He believes that “if people really want something they can truly realize it, but they need to focus on the blinking light within them “, adding that if he could, he would use his light to illuminate others, but realizes that alone he is powerless.

So, in conclusion, Alexandru is beckoning for your help and urging humanity “Let’s try and turn on the light that’s blinking within us, together!!!” He adds that “In any direction there are two paths, but we are the ones who choose which way to go.”

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