Ken VeloKen VeLo (Writer)

At seven years of age Ken recalls one of his first memories, of pulling off the back of his families 26″ Zenith TV and taking all kinds of parts out. Mostly vacuum tubes, as they were the easiest to remove. He doesn’t remember any spankings from this but his two brothers and sister grew up “living outside of THE BOX” as their father said and delivered on “I will never buy another TV for this family.”

In Ken’s 40’s he now says that he feels that he was, even though he did not have a conscious thought of this, but believes he was, at that early age, looking for the people that he saw on TV or for the “reality” that those characters where in. He says “I could touch mom and dad but not the people that I saw on or in the TV screen.”

Ken VeLo as he goes by, was an aspiring accountant as he saw the magic behind double entry accountant. Ken, never made it through the establishment’s college, but did become sort of an accountant technician serving as an Aviation Store Keeper in the U.S. Navy for ten years.

After seeing the world and returning back to the U.S., Ken has worked in Building Technologies as an HVAC specialist, with a strong interest in all aspects of the science of energy.

Ken credits, his unique perspectives on life to all the wonderful people he has interacted with and all of the hardships he has endured along with being raised in religion, and learning the science of heat transfer. He says “when you convert the text in the Bible to the processes found in engineering you see the Bible as an artful tech manual.

His desire, is to help those in religion as well as those who do not desire to be associated with religion, come to realize that they can both work together and build better systems to support human life here on earth.

Ken has studied alphabets in a most unorthodox way for the past six years and has created what he calls “maRth” (math art) showing unique patterns that speak to the oneness of humanity in a natural way by using only scientific postulates, thus who Ken VeLo is or his opinions do not matter in this piece of art. He hopes it will someday help world leaders see that the world is one big electrical distribution system, starting with potential energy and moving to kinetic energy.

Ken is attempting to write his first book THE WORLD WORKS LIKE AN AIR-CONDITIONER… From The Evaporator (idea) To The Condenser (material matter) And Back To The Drawing Board Again.

One of his favorite quotes is “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein (New evidence suggest this quote should be credited to William Bruce Cameron. Source:

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