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Please meet Lisa Scott, who is not only a great writer but also a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Lisa’s natural, heart-felt, intuition has allowed her to connect with clients on a deeply rooted level. Her life’s mission is to assist people in alleviating whatever deep-seated issue they may want sorted out.

She explains:

“You can create the type of life your want, with your amazing mind. I want to let people know there this hope. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Everyone has their own path in life to follow. No one has a right to prematurely judge anyone. My hypnosis sessions come from a sincere and caring desire to help and be there for you. Clients feel at ease with me knowing that I truly care and wish nothing more than to just help them heal.

Well my decision to help people emerged from my own sense of discovering that I had finally found myself. This all started after traveling abroad to South-East Asia and Europe. The fact that I was gone for a year, gave me great insight of whom I am and what I wanted to accomplish with my life. While traveling to these exotic places, it gave me the opportunity to meet many different people and learn various customs. I had the pleasure of listening to many interesting stories. I even helped some people achieve their dreams of expanding their global horizons through cultural exchange. This experience showed me what I wanted to be in my life. After years of rewarding work in various mental health organizations to include non-profits; hypnotherapy allows me to harvest my rich experience doing something that I truly love and is immensely useful.

After graduating, I started my international journey of seeking enlightenment. I fondly remember the now funny moment of when the monkeys stole my toiletry kit in India. One of them took it and ran up a tree. Afterwards the hotel front desk manager came to our room and chased the other ones away with a big stick. They were very big, quick and agile. One monkey even tried to steal my laundry from the balcony. Perhaps it was looking to get dressed for a fashion show? Even though I had little money and no plans; I couldn’t wait to get on the road in search of a big, fulfilling and meaningful life.

The experience of breaking both my wrists has shaped who I am as a person. This is the reason why I do what I do! For over eight years I have worked as a Veterinary Assistant. After the accident of falling off a horse and injuring both my wrists; I had to rethink my career plan. I could no longer work with animals. It took me two years to figure out how I wanted to help people. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else. 🙂 “

Lisa’s life has been filled with steep personal challenges and deeply gratifying accomplishments. She has been a mental health practitioner, healer, peace and justice activist, animal educator, mentor, coach and a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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