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We have too many fears today, creating fears for our children, and have built walls and chain link fences to protect them, leaving their imaginations to be created by electronics… and then ask ourselves, why are our children killing each other… while we work desperately to give them a materialistic world we did not have… maybe we have taken away something very valuable, their ability to use their own imagination to determine right from wrong.

A thought comes to mind…something as simple as a baby’s first toys…

I remember my doll, she did not really talk, except through my imagination… today, even a small baby’s toys must have some form of electronic movement to stimulate the child’s interest.

I read an article where college professors have found students incapable of completing assignments that require a student’s imagination; therefore, they only use structured assignments to teach students.

We need more than organization to build the future!

College or higher education today is about building a good income, as the old saying that came to light in the 20th Century…”Keep up with the Joneses!”

Are we deleting the use of a very important part of the brain (and heart) of young people today, that is also deleting values that are a part of it… will it eventually include our belief in a higher power… God…?

“Imagination reveals what the world could be”.

– MLR –


  1. Avatar Of Lee Kelso
    July 10, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Lee Kelso

    “Hi”…. Mary are you…. “Going-abOVEReasON”? One can also see from left to right…. NO REASON, or from inside out ON REASON!!!

    I just saw how your first name contains both beginning and the end… where MA relates to Mother Nature and then borrowing the a again or even without the a, you have the sound “ry” as in Ari or Aryeh, which in Swahili, means desire.

  2. Avatar Of Lee
    December 9, 2014 at 11:21 pm


    MC, I was just sharing with a friend that we have issues facing our issues, myself included. Said another way, we have fears about facing our fears.

    A book Face the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers PhD came to me out of the blue that has some great practical truth. The Five Truths About Fear – Susan Jeffers

    She wrote it some 20+ years ago and didn’t get it published till recently. she teaches classes on the topic and it’s a great practical tool if you’re looking for practical advice on how to deal with fears.

    Then in another conversation a parent was sharing how they needed to protect their child from bad words.
    I offered the book but I’m not so sure they heard me.

    Regarding using ones imagination. I have discovered a field called knowledge creation and here is a link for a simple definition.

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