Book Review by Ms. Rashmi

Book Review by Ms. Rashmi

Symphony of the Nightflower

by Ms.Rashmi

Symphony of the Nightflower - Love Poems by Vishwas Vaidya
Symphony of the Nightflower – Love Poems by Vishwas Vaidya

It takes time to set into the mood of the book. The first time I lay my eyes on Vishwas Vaidya‘s book ‘Symphony of the Nightflower’ I failed to understand the craft of the words woven so intricately.

Once I kept reading I could hear the music in the words & feel the rhythm too. Till I reached the poem ‘Symphony of the Nightflower‘ that is full of symbolism.

Vishwas’ poems gradually become a part of your life & you unknowingly sway to the words till you finish one & then traverse to the next. I say traverse because the end of each poem carries you to the next & the previous one still haunts you so much so that you go back & read it again.

Al Amor Distancia ends with

‘Everlasting monuments,

to our everlasting love’.

The next poem is Dream & Reality which starts with

‘Don’t you ever wave farewell

To my arms & my dreams,

Atleast in this life my love’

I found this continuity once again in ‘Lovers of the world unite‘ which ends with

‘Lovers of the world unite,

You have nothing to lose,

But your hearts’

The next poem ‘Softly Singing Tear‘ starts with

‘As my heart beats,

Vanish into your smile,

A chemistry is born between us’.

The rhythm that is added is beautified with references to soul stirring words of romance. Each poem signifies the poet’s longing for his beloved. It can also be referred to the poets’ conversations with nature. He is admiring the beauty of nature that has inspired him & he has imbibed it in his poems.

Once you’ve caught the rhythm you gradually get pulled into the conversation the poet has with his lover which is expressed by using with metaphors from nature.

‘Spring has bared,

Her utterly naked smile,

Painting the giggling blossoms,

In a whispering riots of colors’

-A Naked Invitation

Like most of Tagore’s writings, Vishwas’ poems too are deeply spiritual as they express the journey of one soul that longs for the creator. He also makes a reference to Tagore’s words in the poem ‘Tears & Laughter‘.

Use of symbolism is varied & thus, sometimes you might have to read the poem again to understand its usage.

‘My whispering tears

Have made a tryst,

With drizzling dreams,

Of monsoon raindrops,

To perch upon over flowing fragrance

Of your silken tresses

You might also notice if you care to read the poem rhythmically in continuation that the words are musical. Also, reference to music is quite prominent.

Musical wave

Of your lush green smile

Has donned the hat

Of a master magician

Turning my heart

Into a dancing peacock

-Master magician

The most wonderful poem of the collection is ‘You & me‘. It is about how a poet is trying to fathom the deep secrets of his existence & searches for treasures of life that he finds within himself. Vishwas beautifully presents through the poem a reunion with himself. It can also be interpreted as in Hindu spirituality the union of Maya & Brahma, the eternal union of body & soul.

After talking about all these creative aspects I wish to turn your attention to something that I found incomprehensible. Vishwas has applied the “fuzzy algorithm” to understand literary works & used it to write poems. But, the reader would not find even a trace of the method behind the magic of his poem. Vishwas’ profession is bane as it has to do with research on automobiles but, his passion for poems has only complimented his research & gifted him with ……….patents registered under his name.

‘Symphony of the Nightflower’ is a beautiful combination of logic & rhythm.

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