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Vishwas Vaidya

Vishwas Vaidya is your friendly neighborhood poet staying in India but aspiring to build a love-nest in the sweetest corner of the hearts of his readers, across the globe!

He was born, bred, brought-up and living in Pune close to Mumbai. He grew-up as a “Math-savvy, language hating school kid” and went on to finish his Master’s in Engineering with top honors.

Somewhere along the life journey, he met Tagore, Khalil Jibran and Checkov through their literary works and was able to see the link between Math, engineering and literature.

Particularly Tagore’s poem haunted him to the core, to such an extent, he started writing his own poems in the similar genre since 2011.

To his surprise, his poems drew exciting response from the Facebook crowd. The chorus for publishing his poem grew louder by each passing day, that is when he caught the eye of Asra Publishing.

His poems sound outwardly romantic, depicting deeply sensual human emotions likened to parallels from nature but a discerning reader can notice the whispering spiritual under-current throbbing beneath every line!

His own intentions behind continuing with poetry-writing are utterly selfish, viz. to compliment his engineering creativity through an equally creative hobby exercising other half of his brain as well as to refine his own language skills.

As a result his engineering patents/research papers have accompanied births of his many poems and his writing skills have undergone a lyrical transformation! He remains baffled towards this poetic turn of events in his life and is watching further course of his own life with an amused giggle!


This page belongs to Vishwas.

You can enter inside his world… a beautiful world filled with the colors of Love. This Love is brought into our dimension through Vishwas’ words.

Come! You are our guest!

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Vishwas Poems

You can buy Vishwas Vaidya’s book of poems, published by Aasra Publishing, from the following links:

For buyers outside USA click the Amazon link below:
Symphony of the Nightflower – Love Poems by Vishwas Vaidya | Amazon

For buyers residing in USA click CreateSpace link below:

Indian poet Vishwas Vaidya
Indian poet Vishwas Vaidya

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