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On request, we also accept to write guest posts for other websites accordingly with their domain of interest. Contact us for requests.

If you are interested in writing for us, please be sure that:

  • Your article is written accordingly with the content of this website and our reader’s taste. If you consider that you can fill a gap in the existing content, submit your relevant guest post idea.
  • When you submit your post idea, tell us a few words about yourself.
  • To avoid copyright issues, provide your own content and images or ensure they are properly cited.
  • If it is related to your guest post, provide links to your website for relevant online writing samples but don’t overload it.
  • Provide your guest post free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Include a short bio (few sentences) which you want to share; eventually add a link to the longer version from your website.
  • When your post is online, be sure to promote it. If the traffic to your post is increasing, the readers will notice this, and it is a good chance that you’ll be asked for your guest posts by others.

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