Life One

Life One
Ken VeLo


There are many different perspectives on this topic, so how can I, the guy behind this keyboard possibly add anything new to this vast concept? With that, let me share that everyone is looking for answers to some degree or another and well, in short, I would like to share a perspective that says life in a nutshell consist of sharing.

Now having said that, I will start by putting forth that life is or consists of many elements, parts and or layers and a definition of what it is can be expressed in many different ways.

This obviously can create a challenge for humans as we are constantly exerting effort, both physical and mental in attempts to understand matter and how it works (mechanics/effects) as well as why it works (controls/causes).

This is the first definition of life from “The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter.”

Let’s turn to the first law of thermodynamics that says, (my paraphrase) all is energy and it only converts and can neither be created nor destroyed. If this is true then there is no death at least from the perspective of the source of where the energy is emanating from and when humanity looks for a geographical place of where this energy source is located the clear answer is from within material matter, but material science cannot find out and study this science with its current set of tools as it only uses the five senses to study material matter.

Since time began we humans came forth from “EVE” (darkness) where it is said that God knitted us together. Consider to that if we came from God who is “A” or The Creator and God who is also said to be infinite light, then we see that there is this process, that is unfolding, and coming from light (or an unseen to the human eye, energy source) as an idea through this dark chamber we call a womb, and then after the knitting (assembling) period is complete, we are born or delivered back into the light again, into this world, which we call Mother Earth.

Continuing to contrast and compare, while in this world we experience what we call a natural light (sun) and darkness (night) as well as, what we might call an emotional “light and darkness,” (happiness/sadness).

This same process of a giving force inside of a void (earth/14.7psi) is played out here between two subjects we call a man who is the father and the women called the mother. So we kind of have a void inside of a void, where the first void is the earth and the second void is the woman’s womb.

After constructing this model if you will and understanding its internal workings, maybe it is we the humans who are the real aliens, meaning those who do not understand this natural progression. Instead we are looking for some kind of “life form out there.”

Let me say here that I feel like the most unqualified person yet very grateful to be sharing a perspective on life, as I don’t believe I have really even began to live it, although I have logged 51 years on my physical body, but I also feel like I am about to embark on an incredible journey.

When I think about the idea of life and then begin the process of contrasting (ideas) and I “look” at (a) our physical bodies, (b) the nature of nature around us, (c) and conditions recorded in history along with (d) present conditions that we see in the media… and so you see my mind is having this conversation with this giant warehouse of understanding and knowledge that has been accumulated in my “accumulator” (memory) during all the varied experiences and the many processes within those experiences that I have undergone and I conclude that LIFE IS INSIDE!

What does this mean for humanity? Let me say it first for the religious minded person as there are many of them and they get a lot of flack for causing the mess we are in, and I believe in “fair and balanced” perspectives. The GOOD NEWS that religion puts forth, which is also called THE GOSPEL (go spell??? 🙂 ) is, “IN”not out!!!!

Let me say that again as this perspective may be new to “some-bodies” minds. When one asks the question where things, (material matter) on the outside of our human bodies, including our human bodies, comes from… the answer is not outside but comes from inside.

Life, being on, or coming from, the inside (of the mind/thinking and the heart/emotions) has great significance on religion and the religious minded, in its current state as it is known today.

Now let me say to those who may not desire to associate themselves so much with religion, for whatever reason as there are many on this side and have many arguments of why they desire not to be associated with it.

There are many that are very interested in life (structures here on earth) on the outside and how “it” (an idea) is built.

There is the establishments way of doing things, and there is common belief, and perceptions that are claiming that it is time for a changing of the guards, and not for the sake of change itself, as change is really nature’s way of living but rather to teach the world to harmonize with earth’s systems included the ones that man has erected. One might say that change is an element essential to life.

One more point that seems to be important and one could add to this, many other points as well, but nature appears to live in a “zero judgment zone.” This is a zone if you will that it appears man must come to, but has not fully arrived at.

I will attempt to conclude here with a perspective on roots as we always speak of getting to the root of matters. Without roots (in this world) we would not have trees. Without trees (in this world) we could not breathe. If we could not breathe, then what?

So it seems that the purpose of life and that of the root of creation is to share with its Creator(s).

– Ken VeLo –

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