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Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe


Love is more than a game; it is a feeling
Real love was born for you and me…
So, where is your precious being now, my love?

I feel your embrace even when you are not in my presence
Your genuine uniqueness eternally conquers me.
Love! You transformed my heart into a lock, into a path cut out by feelings
And, in a circle rotates, the fragrance of your infinite love.

When my eyes close, I see you with my heart
The endless vibration that you are, wherever I go
You pervaded me and beyond time I will carry you
Your image dug deep into my universal mind
Which carries me across the material world and time.

Now I know, my love! Your love exceeds any theory
Your pathos is undiscovered and unexplained
What is pure and natural does not mix with others
I am forever trapped by my desire for you.

– Alexandru Cosmin Gheorghe –

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