A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst

“When and where..

Did you sign..

The love-tryst..

With source of my life?”

My poetry asked me..!

As my moments were melting..

Into my beloved’s arms!

I answered..

With a tear in my one eye..

And a song in another!

“You were twin-born..

With the distant infant pain..

Woven around…

“You painted with fun…

The first-rain-drops..

Of my childhood monsoons..

Delivering first loving kisses..

On the cheeks of my childhood!”

“You were the first drop..

Of dark wine of youth..

Donning herself merrily..

Over the lips of my boyhood..!

Throbbing my adolescent limbs..

With a drunken rhythm of fantasies..!”

“Now in the prime of my life..

You carry the dancing dreams..

Of my young past..

Along with the overflowing..

Stream of your words..

Foaming with tears of mirth!”

“Whom do you really belong to..?”

I asked her..

“Ask the source of your tears!”

She answered..

half crying.. half giggling!

As my tear softly drifted..

Lingering across my face..

And ending-up as a dew-drop..

On the lips of my beloved..

Granting poetic justice..

To both our questions!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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