A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life

On a lyrically surreal evening,

Of February the fourteenth,

Life signed a love-tryst

With strings of my heart,

Playing a melody of dreams

Upon the haunted canvass

Of my brooding soul!

For a scary moment,

My heart missed a beat

Fearing for her devious plans!

But the moon-lit glow of her

Crystal-clear smile,

Pierced through the

Clouds of my fear

Melting them into Tears of mirth!

“This special evening

Let us renew our nuptial oath

And paint the sky of our dreams,

Into rain-rimmed blue of monsoon air,

Pregnant with a rainbow tinted hope

And march hand in hand along the path

Towards the final arc of triumph,

To conquer the fate

Of the darkly smiling death

As we dance away capturing her heart

To the never ending ovation

Of our immortal memories!”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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