A Work of Art… In Perpetual Progress

A Work Of Art... In Perpetual Progress
A Work Of Art… In Perpetual Progress

A distant whistle..

From a mischievous

Bird of morning..

Wakes-up the naked night..

From an un-finished dream!

As we two also…

Are jolted half-way through…

Our seemingly…

Eternal dream-slumber…

Fused in each other’s arms!

Dimly smiling moon.

sports a naughty smile..

As the rose-tinted clouds..”

House-arrest” her charm..

In the throbbing heart..

Of a dew-washed dawn!

As the never-ending whisper..

Playing upon..

The lips of our glances..

Bids a tearful adieu to each other

Gifting them a lingering taste

Of a day-long sweet pain..

Destined to be quenched only during,

Our re-union every night..

Penning the next episode..

Of our love-story..

Which has now become

A work of art..

Perpetually in progress!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

Symphony of the Nightflower

A Work of Art... In Perpetual Progress ▷📚 WritersPayItForward
A Work Of Art In Perpetual Progress

A work of art..

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