An Immortal Symphony

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An Immortal Symphony

An Immortal Symphony

An Immortal Symphony
An Immortal Symphony

Words of my lyrics

Don the music of

Your smiling lips

Breathing the fire of Life

Into new-born wings

Of my nascent dreams

And a bird-song escapes

Cage of my heart..

Finding its sky

Deep inside your eyes

Struggling to weave its melodies

Around a blue eyed cadence!

Beats of my heart

Gaze at the flight of fancy

Catching their breath

At the stellar music

Soaring in its endless ascent..

Resonating eternally with a refrain,

“True love is really

An immortal symphony

Born like a star

On the strings of a maestro

But ringing sleeplessly

In the dreaming hearts of

The endless generations..

Refusing to die ever!”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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