An Utterly Drunken Dream

An Utterly Drunken Dream
An Utterly Drunken Dream

The air is drunk

With a wet magic

Of her own youth

The world is floating

Along the music of

The monsoon mist

We walk along

With woven hearts

Waving at the

Flying rain-drops

Eyes of our love

Dare the zooming clouds

To catch-up with our

Ever dreaming thoughts

The clouds smile

At the antics of

Our playful love

With a touch of wonder,

“You and us are

Only two halves of

The same face of

A Divine Magician!

Our smile of mirth

Is mirrored on you,

Even as your tears of love

Make us pregnant with

An utterly drunken dream!”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.


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