Birth Of a Poem..

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Birth Of a Poem..

Birth Of a Poem..

Birth Of a Poem..
Birth Of a Poem..

The night was aching..

With fullness of her youth..

Flirting with the damp air..

With darkness of her wet passions!

We too were sipping a together..

A moment, so intimately heady,

That our eyes started dancing..

Along the steamy music of..

Each other’s drunken breaths!

For a while the beats of our hearts..

Chorused an encore..

To the fast revealing moment..

Longing to capture its eternal youth..

Through the prism of our tears!

As the moment vanished..

Into an immortal martyrdom…

Only to be reborn as a poem..

Penned by my restless sighs..

And echoed by the faint dimple

Whispering with her smile!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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