Colors of Life

Colors Of Life
Colors Of Life

Colors of our life are winking at the world!

“Guess the true shade of our color!”

The world marvels at the

wonder of the fate’s magic art..

as she again dips her brush..

in a crucible..

frothing with..

multi-hued passions!

The dawn wakes-up to..

the youthful blush of..

our rose-tinted smile..

As the early rays of..

our golden togetherness…

melt into an ecstatic glow!

Fiery red of the late morning sun..

kindles the sparks of dueling passions..

throbbing of our hearts..

to the notes of..

rhythmic renditions!

The afternoon clouds

smile with a golden lining..

pregnant with a rain-rimmed blue

of lyrical reveries!

as whispering heart-beats of our breaths

snap their fingers..

to cheer-up the

unfurled plumes the two souls

dancing like a pair of peacocks

to the rhythm of infant rain-drops!

The evening tip-toes

onto the horizon of our hearts!

like a new bride..

eager yet secretly blushing!

jingling her musical limbs..

with an endless passion for colors

merrily floating along the clouds!

The late night moon..

adds mystery of her..

“Mona-Lisa” smile..

to the depth of our relationship..

as the pair of hearts..

beckon her to “look the other way”!

so that they can bathe together..

in the musical fountain of golden moments..

blending the naked shades..

of their colorful union..

letting the fate add her finishing brush-strokes..

in a fast-gathering rhythm to her long day’s work..

and the night throbs with ever-pregnant dreams..

in a never ending procession of colorful bird-songs!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

Symphony of the Nightflower

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Colors Of Life

Colors of our life are winking at the world!

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