Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence
Crowning Absence

The air is thick..

With a musical riot..

Of dancing rain-drops!…

The wet soil proudly sports..

Fragrant foot-prints..

Of a tell-tale court-ship..

Blooming into lush-green dreams!

…No wonder..

My thoughts follow the cue..

And start courting lingering notes..

Of your lush green memories..

Aching with a lingering desire..

Of vanishing into your arms..

Where misty eyed evening..

Vanishes into the eternal silence of..

An ever-elusive horizon!

When the magic of monsoon.

Weaves love-nest of drunken fantasies..

Your absence in our bed of dreams.

Evermore fans the flaming memories..

Of our burning unions…

Startling the midnight’s whisper..

Into an ever-green pain..

Throbbing with a young passion!

It is the same annual dance-drama..

Enacted by the same seasoned artistes..

Monsoon.. wet soil.. midnight.. me..

And the bitter-sweet pain….

Of your ever-flirting absence..

Crowning the show..

With her stellar performance..!

Chanting her signature refrain..


© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

Symphony of the Nightflower

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Crowning Absence

The air is thick..

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