Cry The Beloved Country

Cry The Beloved Country

Queen of Zansi 1857

Queen of Zansi 1857

As Terrorist’s fire

Savored the beauty of Taj,

Hotel staff turned martyrs

Saving the lives

Of their precious guests

As the finest brand of

Indian hospitality triumphed

Keeping the tri-color flying proudly,

Whispering to the misty eyed nation,”

Mother India

Mother India

“Cry The Beloved country!”

When the imperial lust

Gang-raped the modesty

Of City of Zansi,

The young queen with

Her child in the pillion

Rode the horse leading her forces

And bravely went down fighting

Sowing the seeds of freedom,

After a blood-stained century..

Taj Hotel Burning 26/11/2008

Taj Hotel Burning 26/11/2008

Before the lovely dawn of freedom

Shed golden and purple tears of joy

As souls martyrs join the chorus,

“Cry The Beloved country!”

When a pack of drunken beasts

Snuffed the honor

Of a just bloomed girlhood

She went down fighting

Much like the young queen

Jolting the sleeping nation

Into tears of shame

Whispering bravely

In our shameful ears,

“Cry The Beloved Country”

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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