Destiny’s Journey

Destiny’s Journey

Destiny's Journey

Destiny’s Journey

“I am but a

Passing fragrance

Floating on the

Breeze of time”

Hummed my life,

“Born as a

Flying spark

Of creation,

Exuding its

Fountain of

Fugitive colors,

On the face of

Every passing moment!”

“I am but your

Wedded companion

And your every new glance

Is the first glance to me!”

Echoed the beat of my heart,

“As our eyes weave together

A timeless journey

Lapsing in the womb

Of Eternity”

“Where are you headed to?”

Questioned my eyes,

“What other destiny

Can we really have…?”

They chorused together,

“When our journey

Is our destination…!”

© Copyright 2014, All rights reserved, Vishwas vaidya

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