For a Fleeting Moment

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For a Fleeting Moment

For a Fleeting Moment

For a Fleeting Moment
For a Fleeting Moment

The evening is chasing

The departing Sun

For a last golden kiss

Making the earth speechless

With a winking glance!

If for a fleeting moment,

The world looks the other way

I will lift her thin veil

Of half-blushing smile

And tickle the flower

Of her youth into shivers

Of a smiling fragrance

Night is glued

To the dreaming face

Of a young moon

Waving merrily

At the jealous clouds

If for an ever lingering moment,

The moon looks the other way,

I can shade a wistful tear

In the bottomless hush

Of her sleeping youth

And crown her dreams

With jewel of our love!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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