Life Without You

Life Without You

Life Without You

Life Without You

Once upon a time,

My young life was

Smitten with a budding dream

To spend her entire course,

Nestled in the warm shadows

Of your fragrant breath!

The cunning design ..alas..

Of the ever-scheming fate,

Snuffed that infant dream

Before it ever blossomed!

The life now limps along

The nostalgic shadows

Of your bitter-sweet memories

Weaving around them,

A colorful web of lyrics

Building them a lasting monument

To keep burning the flame

Of your pain.. as a source of power,

For the throbbing journey,

Of my faltering heart-beats!

How does it matter though,

If the fate walked away

With our lush green dream,

Can it ever steal away,

The pain of your separation,

Which continues turn,

Every tear it bleeds

Into an immortal poem?

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

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